The AutoplayISO project permits to create booteable CDs/DVDs
which autoplay the multimedia files included in them.

For this, two utilities are provided with AutoplayISO:
- Autoplay-Limp: a smaller version of Limp with an autoplay feature,
- mkautoplayiso: a script to create CDs with Autoplay-Limp and movies inside

Reasons for AutoplayISO

A lot of people have or want to have a CD/DVD movie collection,
and many of them want it with an autoplay feature.
This is because they want to be able to play their CDs/DVDs
in any computer without being worried about the OS inside.

Last but not least, there are other Linux live distributions similar
to autoplayiso-Limp, but these seem to have been discontinued, or they are
not currently active.

Useful links

There is currently an alpha version available. You can download it here.

More details about how to use this package here.

NEW!: A Debian package of autoplayiso has been created.
Click here for instructions.

This project uses LiMP (Linux Multimedia Player LIVE Distro) as its base infrastructure.


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